About Us

Since the year 2000, our experts have fallen in love with Indian culture as we've lived, worked, studied, and toured in India. Feel free to contact us with any questions about how we can help you and your team be prepared to work with Indian culture. 

India is a beautiful, diverse, and spellbinding country. Coming from a western nation, it can be a challenge to understand the culture, and how those cultural aspects fit into, and work with a business relationship. 

Having spent a significant amount of time in India, we can certainly empathize with the challenge that Indian culture might present for a western company or individual.  We're here to help you learn and understand why things happen the way they do, and what you can do from a cultural perspective to work through cultural differences and identify strengths that can be built on. 

 We specialize in one thing: Indian culture. It's our specialty, and that focus allows us to help you specifically with the things that matter most to your assignment: Simple things like dress, food, and etiquette to more complex things like sources of motivation, management hierarchy, and relationship based business.

Simply put, we help you to be calm and comfortable with Indian culture. That confidence can allow you to focus on your objectives without being blindsided by unexpected culture clashes. Our courses are personalized for your group, so you can have all your questions answered, along with the questions you didn't know to ask.


Contact us for course rates or more information about on-site and remote cultural preparation courses.