We help you to understand India far beyond a list of do's and donts. We help you to identify where cultural differences are having an impact on your success, what the foundation of the cultural difference is, and how to resolve differences that affect communication, workflow, and progress.

With a vast and complex culture, India can be a difficult place for a westerner to adjust. The Brookfield Global Relocation Survey listed India as one of the top three most challenging locations for international assignees and mobility program managers. Of the 34 nations reviewed in the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, India ranked as the third most difficult place to adapt to local work culture. 

Even for short term assignments, business travel, and remote assignments; cultural differences can distract from objectives, skew expectations, and cause missed deadlines and squandered resources. Preparing for those cultural differences is an essential part of working in or with India.

Compared to the cost of an international assignment, cultural preparation can provide an incredible value. In fact, 85% of respondents surveyed in the Brookfield GRS rated cross-cultural preparation as having a great or good value for international assignee success. 

Contact us for course rates or more information about on-site and remote cultural preparation courses. 

We host cultural preparation seminars that are given on site at your location or remotely over the internet. The preparation course generally lasts one day. Remote courses are generally one hour, but can be tailored to your needs. No special software is needed for the remote course.

Indimer's preparation course can help to narrow the gap between expectation and reality. We help you know what to expect and why it's happening that way. We guide you on how to communicate more effectively, how to work with culture shock, and how to recognize cultural differences that can negatively impact a relationship. 

We prepare you with far more than a list of Do's and Dont's- we help you to identify cultural impact and how to navigate it. 


Contact us if you'd like to schedule an on-site or remote preparation course. Remote courses can be through Skype, Google Hangouts or your choice of technology.  

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